Date: September 13, 2021
TO: NYU Parents
FROM: NYU President Andrew Hamilton

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Loved Ones of Our Students,

My wife Jennie and I were so pleased to be able to meet so many of you as you helped our new and returning students settle into their residence halls in late August. We have three grown children of our own, so we know how hard that drop-off can be, even when your student is not a first-year. However, if you were there, no doubt you sensed the same excitement and eagerness that we did; it’s all but impossible not to be buoyed by that spirit.

Move-in went well. Classes — which are almost all in-person — have gotten off to a good start, notwithstanding a record-breaking rainstorm the night before (we had some water damage here and there around campus, but it was quickly attended to and overall quite modest compared to what others in the NYC region faced). The library is once again filled with students from early hours till late. Students are once again lining up at the food trucks that park near the library, and enjoying the favorable weather in Washington Square Park. It’s a good beginning, and we are so glad to have everyone back.

Still, no one is mistaking this for a normal year. The emergence of the Delta variant reminds us of COVID-19’s persistence and unpredictability. So, while NYU has achieved very high levels of compliance with our vaccination policy (99% of students, 98% of full-time faculty and administrators), the city’s rate of new coronavirus cases has started trending downward, and we have been able to lift some of the restrictions that made students feel isolated last year, we continue to have other safeguards in place. Mask-wearing is required in indoor settings, and I am glad to report that I see conscientious observance of our rules. We have a robust testing program. And our Public Health Ambassadors are out reminding students and employees about our policies and handing out masks.

You can be proud of your students. They are taking these challenges in stride, and showing a perseverance that we admire and that you, no doubt, had a hand in teaching them.

They are in a wonderful university in the greatest city in the world. They have marvelous professors who are committed to their learning and intellectual growth. They are supported by dedicated administrators who are there to help them and focus on the quality of their experience.

We are grateful for and respectful of the trust you have placed in us. Please know that NYU is and will remain committed to the academic progress of its students and the safety of its entire community.


Andrew Hamilton
New York University

PS: We continue to update our COVID-19 information hub, NYU Returns. You should feel free to consult it at any time for the most up-to-date coronavirus-related information.