Date:   October 10, 2023*
To:       NYU Community
From:  NYU Board Chair Evan Chesler and President Linda G. Mills

Dear NYU Community Members,

No doubt you have heard the news of the multi-pronged and deadly terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas. We want to express NYU’s condemnation of the attack — the indiscriminate killing of civilian non-combatants and the taking of hostages, including children and the elderly, is reprehensible.

Understandably, NYU is very focused on our Tel Aviv program. The leadership of NYU Tel Aviv has accounted for and been in touch with all of our students, faculty, and staff there. All are uninjured, safe, and well. We were in touch with the students’ families to update them and make sure they know that the safety of their students is our foremost priority. Coincidentally, the students at our Tel Aviv site were scheduled to depart for a trip to NYU Abu Dhabi; those plans proceeded, and they are now safely at our Abu Dhabi campus.

Our Division of Student Affairs has reached out to all students from the affected areas with offers of support and help.

Please remember that we have resources available to assist all members of the NYU community who find themselves in need of support. Students can find 24/7 support through the Wellness Exchange, and 24/7 resources are available to employees through NYU’s Employee Assistance Program.

The violence that is raging now will likely intensify the feelings of those on our campus who hold strong views on the conflict. Even as we confront the horrifying events that are occurring now, we must maintain hope for a different future. As a university community, we remain committed to dialogue and peaceful discourse.

With a shared sense of profound sorrow,

Evan Chesler
Chair, NYU Board of Trustees

Linda G. Mills


*This statement is updated from the original statement sent October 8, 2023