Date:   February 6, 2024
To:       University Life Personnel
From:  NYU President Linda G. Mills

Some 20 years ago, NYU set out to create a new model for offering mental health services: one that was more forward-leaning, more accessible, and more responsive. To frame and refine that model — which has been recognized as groundbreaking many times in the years since — we turned to an experienced and imaginative mental health professional named Zoe Ragouzeos. Her work in helping to create the Wellness Exchange has, without doubt, saved many lives and helped many students overcome struggles to achieve their degrees.

Poll after poll after poll demonstrates that this is a time of real distress for young people. And these difficulties are not limited to students — employees feel them, too. Addressing that, by establishing a flourishing, thriving campus culture, is one of the key strategic pathways of my presidency.

So I am very pleased to announce the promotion of Zoe, whom many of you already know well, to the role of Vice President for Student Mental Health and Wellbeing, reporting to Senior Vice President for University Life Jason B. Pina and continuing to be a valued member of the Student Affairs leadership team. I have worked closely with Zoe for many years, and, like you, I know her to be kind, dedicated, knowledgeable, firm-minded, a generous colleague, and a tireless advocate for students. She is the perfect choice.

In this position, Zoe will be a key leader in helping us make our community thrive by serving as NYU’s principal student mental health and wellbeing advisor, forging a vibrant campus-wide culture of wellbeing and flourishing, and galvanizing and directing both clinical and wellbeing (prevention) initiatives. We will look to her to direct and develop strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure the provision of responsive, professional, world-class student-centered clinical mental health services, policies, and programs at all NYU campuses and global sites, and to work closely with and help coordinate the efforts of other offices focused on helping our community to flourish. In short, we will rely on her to lead the implementation of innovative, inclusive, multidisciplinary wellbeing programming and address the many needs of NYU’s diverse undergraduate, graduate, and professional student population. I think this program is vital to support the individual student and broader institutional priorities, such as student retention and timely graduation.

Congratulations, Zoe, and thank you for all your outstanding work. We look to you to do many more amazing things for NYU’s students in the coming years.