Date:   September 11, 2023
To:       The IFA Community
From:  Linda G. Mills, President, and Georgina Dopico, Interim Provost

This fall, as we begin a new academic year with all its attendant excitement and promise, we are also asking a group of colleagues from the Institute and elsewhere in the University to undertake the important responsibility of carrying on the search for the next director of IFA.

You will hear more in the coming weeks from the Committee and its chair, Professor Michele Marincola, about opportunities for you to share your perspective on the opportunities and challenges for the new Director. In the meantime, we want to thank all the Committee members, and especially Michele, who graciously agreed to act as chair, for taking on this vital and consequential task in addition to all their other responsibilities. We are grateful for their dedication and spirit of service to the IFA community. We are confident their efforts will yield a great director.

We also want to express our appreciation to Chris for her years of dedicated service to the Institute and the University.

The members of the IFA Director Search Committee are:

Michele Marincola, Professor and Co-Chair, Conservation Center, Chair

Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen, Assistant Professor of Nineteenth-Century European Art
Una Chaudhuri, Dean for the Humanities; Collegiate Professor & Professor of English, Drama, and Environmental Studies, Arts & Science and Tisch
Jen Chung, Chief of Staff and Director of Budget & Planning
Anne Ehrenkranz, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees of The Institute of Fine Arts
Dennis Geronimus, Professor of Italian Renaissance Art and Chair, Department of Art History, Arts and Science
Jonathan Hay, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Professor of Fine Arts
Kathryn Howley, Lila Acheson Wallace Assistant Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art
Kolleen Ku, PhD Candidate
Charlton McIlwain, Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement and Development; Provostial Liaison
Hope O’Reilly, Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Ellen Schall, Senior Presidential Fellow
Robert Slifkin, Director of Graduate Studies; Professor of Fine Arts
Rachel G. Wilf, Member, Board of Trustees of The Institute of Fine Arts