A Message from NYU President Linda G. Mills

As someone who has experienced New York University from several different perspectives — as a professor, an administrator, a proud parent of a Gallatin graduate, and now as President — I can confidently say that NYU offers an unrivaled setting to learn and grow.

One of the wonderful things about NYU is that even after dedicating 24 years of my life to this extraordinary community and knowing it very well, there is always more to discover.

Since the Board announced my appointment as NYU’s 17th President, I have had the privilege of hearing from more than 1800 NYU students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni, parents, and affiliates. Some were colleagues with whom I have worked for many years. Some I met for the first time. I appreciate the input from both familiar and fresh perspectives, and look forward to continuing these conversations as we chart NYU’s future together.

— Linda G. Mills