A Message from President Andrew Hamilton

Welcome to New York University.

NYU is about both people and place.

Our students, faculty, alumni, administrators, and staff stand out for their commitment to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy, and creative innovation.

Our University benefits from not only its longstanding, inextricable connection to New York, but also its presence in major urban centers on six continents. And the cities where we teach and do research are not just backdrops - they are also our classrooms, stages and laboratories.

With a world-class faculty that sets a global standard for academic excellence, the largest number of international students among U.S. universities, and the largest number of students studying abroad, NYU is among the most respected and desirable universities in the world.

NYU is reimagining what it is to be a university in the 21st century: pioneering research, outstanding teaching, and a presence across the globe that fosters the international, interconnected perspective so necessary in our modern world.

We welcome you to participate in the endless opportunities at NYU, joining talented scholars, scientists, artists, writers and others who have been drawn from all over the world to teach, perform, create, and study in a place where everyone belongs.

Andrew D. Hamilton

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