Student Outcomes

  • Celebrated the first NYU Rhodes Scholars in a generation: two from NYU New York and six from NYU Abu Dhabi, including two in that school’s inaugural 2014 class.
  • Revamped the student outcomes assessment survey “Life Beyond the Square” in 2004 to judge the employment and educational outcomes of NYU undergraduates.
    • Within six months of graduating NYU in 2014, 94.7% of respondents were either employed or enrolled in a graduate or professional school program; of these, 85.3% were working. Comparatively, the Class of 2004 placement rate was 93.5% with 72% reported working.
    • The overall mean annual salary for 2014 respondents was $55,647—up from $45,300 in 2004.  
Professor teaching

Faculty Outcomes

During Sexton’s presidency:

  • Launched the Partners Plan, expanding NYU’s arts and science faculty by 125 tenured and tenure-track positions—or 20% of the Faculty of Arts and Science total—the largest such expansion in NYU’s history.
  • Between 2004 and 2013, the number of full-time faculty at Washington Square increased by 632 or 31%. 

Awards and Achievements

  • Since 2002, members of NYU’s past and current faculty have been awarded:
    • Four Nobel Prizes (three in economics and one in chemistry)
    • Four Abel Prizes in Mathematics. No other institution in the world has had such a concentration of this award, considered the Nobel Prize for math.
    • Two National Medals of Science
    • One National Medal of Technology and Innovation
    • Four National Humanities Medals
  • Since 2002, the number of faculty who are elected members of the National Academy of Sciences has grown from 18
    to 37.