The Search Committee valued very much hearing the views of the wider NYU community as it addressed the question of what NYU needs in and from its next President. The committee, collectively and through the faculty, students, AMC, and alumni representation on the committee, arranged for multiple listening sessions, organized so different segments of our community could convey their feedback directly to committee members. The committee was interested in what people saw as the challenges facing the next president; what previous experience would best prepare someone for this role; and, finally, what we need to do as a community to help ensure that the next President will be successful in leading NYU forward. Below please find a listing of the various sessions that were organized.  As of November 1, 27 sessions have been held.

Listening Sessions

The Committee organized open sessions to hear feedback from various constituencies in the community.

  • Faculty Listening Sessions (September 16, September 29)
  • Staff Listening Session (September 29)
  • Student Listening Session (September 19)
  • NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty Listening Session (November 1)
  • NYU Abu Dhabi Open Listening Session (November 1)
  • NYU Shanghai Open Listening Session (October 29)

Standing Meetings

Members of the committee and/or representatives from the search firm were invited to attend standing meetings of advisory groups and University Leadership.

  • Provost’s Faculty Advisory Committee on Academic Priorities (September 23)
  • Provost’s Council on Science and Technology: Executive Committee (September 30)
  • Meeting with School Deans (October 8)

Additional Alumni Outreach

Alumni members of the Committee coordinated additional opportunities to engage with the alumni, in conjunction with the Alumni Association.

  • NYU Alumni Association Board (October 14)
  • NYU Alumni (October 14)
  • NYU Alumni (webinar) (October 22)

Additional Faculty Outreach

Faculty members of the Committee coordinated additional opportunities to engage with the faculty.

  • Elected Councils (September 29)
  • Faculty Global Committee (October 21)
  • Faculty Senators Council, T/TT and NTT/CF (October 15)
  • FAS Diversity Initiative (October 23)
  • FAS Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (October 29)
  • Gallatin Faculty Meeting (October 7)
  • NYU Abu Dhabi (videoconference) (October 22)
  • NYU Department Chairs (September 29)
  • NYU Shanghai (videoconference) (October 20)
  • School of Law (October 15)
  • School of Medicine (October 15)

Additional Student Outreach

Student members of the committee coordinated additional efforts to engage with the student body.

  • NYU Abu Dhabi Student Session (video conference) (September 29)
  • NYU NY Student Session (October 2)
  • NYU Shanghai Student Session (video conference) (October 9)
  • NYU Study Away Sites (teleconference) (September 29)