Introducing NYU's 17th President

portrait Linda G. Mills

Linda G. Mills, President-Designate

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we are very happy to announce that the extensive search conducted by the Presidential Search Committee has led to the selection of Linda G. Mills—NYU’s Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice Provost for Global Programs and University Life; a chaired professor and researcher; an attorney, licensed clinical social worker, filmmaker, parent of an NYU graduate, and long-time member of the University’s senior leadership team—as the 17th president of New York University. She will take on her duties as president on July 1, 2023.

The search to recruit our next president drew an extraordinary group of applicants.  It is a tribute to NYU’s stature, reputation, and upward academic trajectory that the position attracted so many outstandingly qualified and eager candidates to be reviewed by the Committee. The comments members of the University community shared with the Search Committee during meetings with various campus groups last fall guided the Committee’s goals: to recruit a president who will shape a bold vision for the University, cultivate and deepen academic excellence, build on NYU’s institutional momentum, create a signature student experience, enhance diversity, and improve fundraising.

Among all the many excellent candidates, what set Linda apart was her profound and manifest commitment to NYU and its future, including her commitment to the University’s core research and teaching mission and high standards of academic excellence; her extensive knowledge of the University—both its strengths and the areas for improvement most vital to its continued advancement; her keen understanding of NYU’s complexities; and her ‘day-one’ readiness to step into the role of president.  We were struck, too, by her dedication to diversity and inclusion; her ability to listen and bring people together and to cultivate nascent ideas into flourishing programs; her flexibility and foresight; her creativity and her determination to advance NYU’s far-ranging ambitions. Linda’s long record of notable achievements in shaping student life and engaging faculty in building the University’s unequaled global presence also impressed the Committee.  We were impressed, as well, by the data-driven approach she brings to analysis and decision-making while never losing sight of the very human elements at the heart of a university.

More About the Search Process

Search Committee

Led by William R. Berkley (STERN ’66), chair of the Board of Trustees, and Evan R. Chesler (ARTS '70, LAW '75), the Committee is dedicated to conducting a comprehensive, global search. The 27-member committee includes 15 trustees, many of whom are alumni; six faculty; two deans; one student; and two administrators.