NYU Langone Health Update

The Board received an update on hospital operations, with a focus on volume of COVID-19 patients and NYU Langone Health’s success in COVID-19 treatment, testing and vaccine trials. 

University Update

President Hamilton updated the Trustees on the University’s plans for the fall 2020 semester, which would include both remote and in-person teaching, and the University’s plans for testing and monitoring. He reported that the University had been able to use its global network to offer students unable to travel to New York the opportunity to study closer to home through the “Go Local” program.  The Senior Vice President for Finance and Budget and Chief Financial Officer provided an update on the University’s finances, highlighting that the University was anticipating its operating margin to be better than budget and that the financial results reflect, in part, the effectiveness of the mitigation steps taken by the University. The Board received a report regarding the University’s development and implementation of revised Title IX policies due to changes in the regulations.