May 2013

“The Board of Trustees fully supports and has full confidence in John Sexton and his leadership.

“While the Board understands the concerns of the Steinhardt faculty – conveyed both by this vote and directly during our recent meeting with their elected representatives – we believe NYU’s enormous academic momentum, which has accelerated during John’s tenure, has greatly benefitted the Steinhardt School, and too little heed has been paid to that in today’s vote.

“Just as the University has seen increases in applications for undergraduate admissions, freshman SAT scores go up, and financial aid increase, so, too, has Steinhardt. As NYU has moved upwards in national and international rankings, demonstrated a strong and successful track record of faculty recruitment and retention, and started new academic initiatives, so, too, has Steinhardt. Tens of millions of dollars of investments have been made in academic facilities for Steinhardt, as they have throughout the University. As NYU – uniquely among its peers -- has sought to redefine the architecture of the university through the creation of its global network and thus provide unprecedented new educational and academic activities around the world for students and faculty alike, the Steinhardt community has benefitted. And, in response to the concerns raised about governance issues, we note that important and meaningful steps to improve faculty involvement – agreement on principles of shared governance, and faculty committees on space priorities, the global network, and educational technology -- have been taken, which will give more voice to Steinhardt faculty, and faculty in all the schools.

“For these reasons, we find today’s vote disappointing. But we look forward to seeing the Steinhardt School and the entire University community successfully finish the current academic year and work together closely and productively under John’s leadership as president in the future, and particularly as we undertake new efforts beginning next fall to improve communications and faculty involvement and voice in University decision-making.”