Date:  September 10, 2014
To:  NYU Community
From:  William R. Berkley, NYU Presidential Search Committee Chair


I am writing to follow up on last week's message regarding opportunities for the Presidential Search Committee to hear directly from various stakeholders at the University. We have arranged for several listening sessions, organized so different segments of our community can convey their feedback directly to committee members.

Initial dates and times for faculty, administrators/staff, and students in the NYC area are listed below. The Committee fully appreciates that schedules are pressed during this time of year, but hopes that you will make every effort to attend and share your perspectives on what you see as the challenges facing the next president; what previous experience would best prepare someone for this role; and, finally, what we need to do as a community to help ensure that the next president will be successful in leading NYU forward. Please note that we are also working on scheduling opportunities for colleagues in NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai to engage in this conversation.

As always, feel free to email the committee as well at to share your thoughts at any time. Thank you once again for your commitment to NYU, and we look forward to hearing from you.


o    September 16, 2014   2-3:30pm       Kimmel Center, Eisner and Lubin (4th floor)

o    September 30, 2014   12:30-2pm     Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life (5th floor)


o    September 19, 2014    11am-12pm   Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life (5th floor)


o    September 30, 2014     2:30-3:30pm     Kimmel Center, Room 914 (9th floor)