Date: June 30, 2023
To: The NYU Community
From: William Berkley, Chair; Evan Chesler, Chair-designate; and the NYU Board of Trustees
Re: Excitement About Our Incoming President, Linda G. Mills, and Gratitude for Our Outgoing President, Andrew Hamilton

This is a day of momentous transition for NYU. It marks the start of Linda G. Mills’ tenure as NYU’s president, and the final day of Andrew Hamilton’s presidency.

The Board could not be more delighted and confident about Linda taking on the responsibilities of president starting tomorrow, July 1. In the months since she was named, Linda has demonstrated precisely the qualities that led us to select her: her devotion to NYU and its advancement; her firsthand, in-depth experience with the University and its complexities; the dedication, innovation, and creativity she brings to every task; and the thoughtful way she listens to others and seeks input to inform her decision-making.

She has met with some 1,800 NYUers in various sessions and settings since February, rigorously absorbing the views and concerns of many colleagues. She has been using that time as well to work on priorities and strategic aims for the University, including, of course, the recent Supreme Court decision. We look forward enthusiastically to watching her ideas and hard work unfold.

We know that Linda has plans to meet with additional students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and trustees from her very first days as president, and that she will communicate with all of us next week to express her own thoughts at the start of her presidency.

As we look ahead in excited expectation of Linda’s start, so, too, do we look back in gratitude.

Andrew Hamilton, who joined NYU in January 2016, has led the University with commendable skill and steadiness during one of the most challenging periods in higher education’s modern history. Despite the pandemic, during his presidency NYU has achieved notable successes in research; in admissions, affordability, financial aid, and student success; in diversity, equity, and inclusion; in strengthening our global presence; in sustainability; and in opening important and much-needed new academic facilities near Washington Square, in Brooklyn, in Shanghai, and at our global sites. Whether cheering on our athletes, applauding our performing artists, visiting our global sites, or speaking to alums, Andy visibly and unflaggingly shared his love of NYU.

On behalf of the Board and the NYU community, we want to thank Andy for all he has done to advance the University’s stature and sustain its extraordinary academic trajectory.

Our best wishes to Linda, our deep thanks to Andy.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and best of luck for the coming academic year.