Colloquium Room where the Board meets

© Slezak: NYU Photo Bureau

The NYU Board of Trustees meets four times a year. Prior to Board meetings, individual committees meet to discuss relevant issues and determine which matters should be referred to the full Board for discussion or vote.

During each Board meeting, the Board hears committee reports and reviews and votes on matters that require Board approval, such as the appointment of deans, the University’s endowment spending policy, and significant real estate transactions. The meeting also includes a report from the President on the state of the University and other issues or external trends that could affect the higher education sector or NYU specifically. Board meetings also provide a forum for presentations by senior administrators and, from time to time, leading NYU faculty about research in their fields or new initiatives in their area of scholarship.

At the annual year-end meeting, typically held in June, the Board discusses and approves the overall operating and capital budgets for the University for the next fiscal year, elects new trustees, and approves committee appointments.

As part of its ongoing commitment to greater engagement with the community, the Board of Trustees has also agreed to the following activities:

  • two meetings per year between the Board’s Executive Committee and the Executive Committee of the University Senate,
  • annual meetings between select Trustees and the Executive Committees of the Senate councils,
  • annual meetings with representatives from Senate committees with their counterpart Board committee members, where applicable,
  • Board/student lunches each semester, and
  • an annual Board/student dinner.