Board of Trustees Group

The NYU Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the work of the University as a whole and the fulfillment of its academic mission. Board members have a legal responsibility to exercise this oversight with diligence, care, and a strong allegiance to the mission of the University.

Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include:

  • setting the overarching strategic direction of the University,
  • overseeing the financial health of the University,
  • overseeing compliance with the University’s legal obligations in all jurisdictions in which it operates,
  • engaging in high level risk management at the University,
  • approving significant real estate transactions,
  • providing fundraising support, and
  • appointing the president and ensuring accountability of the president's leadership team.

NYU currently has 61 voting Trustees and 25 non-voting Trustees who meet four times per year. Though an unpaid position, serving as a Trustee requires a significant time commitment and a strong allegiance to the University. The Board draws heavily on alumni, with NYU graduates currently comprising 79 percent of voting Trustees. Many Trustees are also engaged in service to NYU as part of individual school advisory boards as well as through the NYU Alumni Association.

All the members of NYU's Board share a common goal: to ensure that the University is well-managed, well-resourced and able to continue its academic momentum as a leading global center of teaching, learning and discovery.

-William Berkley, Board of Trustees Chair

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