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I can honestly say that the opportunity to attend NYU has launched my career as a physicist beyond anything I could have imagined.
Sven Kreiss

PhD Candidate in Physics
Graduate School of Arts and Science, '14

It was the Henry M. MacCracken Program scholarship that brought Sven Kreiss to NYU from Germany to study with the scientists of NYU’s experimental particle physics group. In his third year, his mentor, Kyle Cranmer, helped him attain a travel grant to spend a year at CERN in Switzerland, which operates the world’s largest particle accelerator. Sven says, "I became a full member of this very small group of physicists—an honor for any physicist." They were on a search for the Higgs boson—the "God particle," as it is sometimes called. "On June 24, 2012, I was the first person ever to run an analysis that breached the discovery threshold for the Higgs boson—and I had the honor of sending this news back to NYU!" Sven was featured in a New York Times article announcing a discovery so incredible that it turned the heads of scientists around the world. "Without the NYU scholarship, I wouldn’t have been part of this event. I am thrilled that I’ve had this much success so early in my career, and I am so grateful that NYU has given me the chance to study at one of the best physics departments in the world."


NYU Student Sven Kreiss, Graduate School of Arts and Science '14

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