Institutional Engagement can work in close partnership with you to create a wide range of compelling, enlightening, and convincing materials. If your project's budget is at least $100,000 we can provide customized support to create succinct concept papers and letters of intent to detailed proposals to corporate philanthropies, foundations, other non-governmental philanthropic organizations.

If your project’s budget is less than $100,000, the Toolkit for Charitable Fundraising can provide guidance, specifically, the sections: Making The Case: Persuasive Fundraising Document and Determining What It Costs: Budgeting for Private Grantseeking. In any case, we are available to review your proposal and give you brief comments on its strengths and areas for improvement. 

In addition to the support provided by UDAR Institutional Engagement for fundraising from private foundations and corporate philanthropies, the Office of Research Development team has many resources for applying to government funding agencies here.


Making The Case | To Private Funders

This 3-session workshop series is designed to provide faculty with a foundational understanding of how to approach private philanthropic funders—corporations and foundations—about their work both verbally and in writing. As the sessions are designed to allow for conversation, capacity is limited.

Interested in participating in an upcoming session? Contact Roger Kingsepp to learn more.