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NYU Student Carlos Benitez

Carlos Benitez (STERN ‘19)

Hometown: Weston, FL
Major: Finance / Spanish

A message of thanks:

This scholarship represents to me the opportunity to continue attending NYU.  It has meant being able to study my interests, to be involved with organizations and causes which I truly care about, to intern at a company that helped me discover my career path, and study abroad to learn about different cultures.  This scholarship has meant being able to make a dream into a reality, a college experience that so many people can only dream about. Thank you.

NYU Student Alexis Cerezo

Alexis Cerezo (TISCH ‘21)

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Film and Television

A message of thanks:

Thank you to my scholarship donors and to those who participated in organizing the 1831 Scholarship Fund.  A few months ago, my mother said to me that she would be unable to financially support my education.  Being told that I would have to give up my dream college was heartbreaking, however I did not give up.  I'm paying for college on my own, but I found support through a generous scholarship, and now I am living my best life at NYU.

NYU Student Ashley Medina

Ashley Medina (CAS ‘21)

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Major: Biology / Spanish

A message of thanks:

This scholarship means that others believe I can succeed here.  If I ever feel like giving up, I can remember that several people believe in me, including those who offered me this amazing scholarship.  This idea alone is motivating enough in order for me to continue to strive and try my hardest in all of my academics.


A Fundraising Success!
Asian American Student Conference

The NYC Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC) is the largest student-run, intercollegiate organization dedicated to bringing students together from all over NYC to learn about social issues regarding the Asian/Pacific Islander American community. 

The conference successfully raised $2,600 on Rising Violets, NYU's crowdfunding platform which was introduced November 2016.

"Rising Violets served as a great source of community engagement because it made it easy for individuals to financially support our conference.  We're happy to have the opportunity to crowdfund our conference and would love to do it again next year." -Lisa Ng, Project Leader of NYCAASC

Held at NYU each year, the conference provides a unique space for students to discuss relevant issues in the Asian/Pacific Islander American community, ranging from socioeconomic discussion to cultural explorations.

To learn more about NYCAASC, click here.