Shabbat for 2000 -- Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life

Shabbat for 2000 at the Bronfman Center

NYU students attending Shabbat for 2000

Shabbat for 2000 is the Bronfman’s Center’s signature annual event for members of NYU’s diverse community to share in a shabbat experience. The Center successfully raised $23,539 to cover the cost of the event through Rising Violets, NYU’s crowdfunding platform. Rising Violets was launched in November 2016 and allows student committees such as Shabbat for 2000 to rally supporters to champion their cause.

Rising Violets provided a central location where information about the event itself as well as our fundraising progress at the click of a link. We were able to raise all of the essential funds days before our event, eliminating any last minute concern. Not only were we able to reach our goal in a straightforward process, but we were also able to publicize our success with every visit to the page, making this year particularly effective.
- Isabelle Brodie (GALLATIN ‘19), Shabbat for 2000’s project leader

NYU Student Scott Cosgun

Scott Cosgun (CAS ‘19)

Hometown: East Northport, NY
Major: Biochemistry

A message of Thanks:
This scholarship helped me reduce the amount of private student loans that I had to take out, which will result in me having less debt upon graduation. As a first generation college student, I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at NYU, but I have found a wonderful community here that I absolutely love. The connections that I’m making here with such a diverse and talented group of friends and professors would not be possible anywhere else, and I would not have had the amazing opportunity to come to NYU if it weren’t for this scholarship. I come from a single parent family that doesn’t have the ability to pay for my college education, so I am working to pay for everything that isn't covered by financial aid. Thank you!

NYU Student Smantha Duong

Samantha Duong (STEINHARDT ’18)

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Major: Math Education/Studio Art

A message of Thanks:

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have this opportunity to be a student at NYU because of donors like you. Because of you, I am able to live in one of the most fascinating places in the world, have a remarkable education that challenges everyday, and be encouraged to be a better person.

Post-graduation Plans:

I want more than anything to teach at a high school in NYC. I want to be able to influence students’ lives and watch them grow into people who have a natural curiosity for the world and want to change other people's’ lives. I want to show them how beautiful math is and how it applies to the real world.

NYU Student Lindsay Hadad

Lindsay Hadad (Silver School of Social Work‘18)

Hometown: East Brooklyn, NY
Major: Clinical Social Work / Mental Health

A message of Thanks:

I can’t express the relief that came over me when I learned that I was a recipient of a scholarship. It took me from worry and ambivalence, to state a of trust and confidence that I’m on the right career path. It helped me keep the faith that as long as I do the footwork of following my dreams, doors of opportunity will open for me.

Post-graduation Plans:

After graduation, I plan to specialize in the treatment of addiction. My internship is at an outpatient drug treatment program. I must say it was intimidating at first, but I feel I have found my place within this community. Hearing clients thank me for facilitating a “great group” and watching the magic of recovery happen has been incredibly rewarding so far.