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Thank you to our generous NYU community members who join together each year to sustain academic excellence at NYU. Your gifts make it possible for students to afford the NYU experience, and for faculty to continue innovative research. Read on to learn more about the impact donors have at NYU.

Meet our Scholarship Recipients

Denizhan (Tandon '24)

Denizhan (Tandon '24)

"To me, NYU means intellectual curiosity. Whether it is academically, socially, or athletically I feel like NYU is a place where I can improve myself every day. I am in the best city in the world, and I am surrounded by an environment where learning new things and questioning beliefs are encouraged. I love NYU because I love learning, and I know this city and this school will help me do just that.

I chose to major in Math, because I am extremely passionate about Math. While learning Math I feel like I am discovering the underlying forces that connect the universe together."

Fatmatta '24 Headshot

Fatmatta (Tisch '24)

"Thank you so much for your support. I come from a community, where a career in the arts is a fever dream so your support allows me to pursue my dreams. I chose NYU because I wanted to be in a place where I could make numerous connections in the performing arts and anything else that I choose to pursue. I also wanted to attend a school where I could be unapologetically me.

I aspire to be a force in producing, to be in the rooms where big decisions are made. I aspire to make a mark on children's programming to ensure that young kids can see themselves represented at the earliest age possible as the art you consume at that tender age shapes you."

Ruth (Gallatin '23)

Ruth (Gallatin ‘23)

“After a family trip to New York City and visiting NYU at the age of six, I worked toward my dream of attending for 12 years to finally be here. I chose NYU because of the atmosphere, the city, and the academic prestige. 

I always knew that I wanted to help people and absolutely love kids. Growing up in an immigrant community and hearing their stories, I wanted to change how our most vulnerable populations are treated in our society. Everyone deserves to have their human rights respected, and I want to fight for that. My dream is to one day be a human rights lawyer, hopefully at the UN, where I can fight for the rights of all people, especially children.

Having attended an early college high school, I earned my associate’s degree at seventeen and am on track for graduating early. My parents have unconditionally supported my dreams, doing whatever they could to help me prosper at NYU. Thank you for helping me lift some of the burdens off their shoulders. Being a scholarship recipient has helped me reach my goals by letting me focus on doing well in school instead of worrying about costs. Thank you for helping me get one step closer to achieving my aspirations. Your support means everything! ”

Katrina - Headshot

Katrina (TANDON '23)

"I chose NYU because of the opportunities available for me to pursue both in New York City and through study abroad. So far, NYU has been a place where I have grown immensely both academically and as a person. I have absolutely loved my time here and could not imagine myself anywhere else."

"Thank you for contributing to my education. I have always dreamed of attending NYU, and with your support, I can make this dream a reality. This university has brought me many incredible experiences and opportunities so far, and I am so excited for what the future holds. Thank you so much for your generosity and for believing in students like me."

Jahaira - Headshot

Jahaira (CAS '22)

"I chose NYU because I was fortunate enough to have one of the best universities in the world close to home. My time at NYU has been remarkable, I am earning a stellar education while learning more about my city in a way that could not have imagined."

"Thank you for donating to NYU. You are helping students who, though are good enough be here, are financially unable to pay their own way. You have lifted a great burden of my shoulders and I am thankful."


Kiana (TANDON '23)

"I chose NYU because I wanted an education that welcomes versatility and appreciated both my creativity and academic aptitude. This why I was most interested in Integrated Digital Media (IDM) at Tandon. I was ready to make a difference, and I knew that NYU had the opportunities and resources I needed to do so. As a freshman, I feel like NYU has met all my expectations. Even more, I feel that I belong here."

"On behalf of both myself and my family, I would like to thank you for your generosity. Funding from scholarships, financial aid, and now your support has made my dream more possible. Now, I can put all my energy and focus into the opportunities and resources I have as an NYU student to make a difference in the world. This is something I will never take for granted. Thank you."



"I chose NYU because of the wonderful opportunities that this school provides. The program that I am currently in is one of the best programs in the country. I'm part of an extensive and worldwide community of students, teachers, and alumni. It's a great time and I love the city. I strive to give my best to NYU and its community."

"Thank you for the help! I am extremely grateful for the wonderful support this scholarship has given me and my family. My parents, as immigrants, worked extremely hard to come here to America. The only thing the two of them have ever dreamed of doing was to raise kids who would go on to college and become successful. Recently, my dad was unemployed and was working part-time jobs to be able to provide for us. Upon hearing that I had received the scholarship, they were elated! The support that this scholarship has given me and my family is extremely valuable and I cannot thank you enough!"


Ava Weitz (NYU '23)

Maria (CAS '23)

"I chose NYU because I didn't want to be bound by limitations. I wanted to be able to conduct impactful research as an undergrad rather than spend my time washing beakers. I wanted to be able to combine two vastly different things (neural science and politics) and show that they made sense together. Most importantly, I wanted to find a community that valued diversity."

"It's hard enough to explain what a neural science and politics double major means and that I want to go to both law and graduate school; but being able to breathe a sigh of relief when I found out that I wouldn't have to worry about funding my education this semester made everything easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Ava (NYU '23)

"I chose to attend NYU because I wanted to be able to experience a student community that was much more diverse than anything I had ever been exposed to before. I wanted to be able to experience this community in an organic environment without a secluded campus — NYU is part and parcel of New York City!"

"My career goals are to obtain a master's, PhD or DrPH, and MD. I have always loved health and medicine. As a Hasidic Jew, I was raised in a community where I didn't have access to much health education and didn't know many doctors. I didn't meet a woman who was a doctor or in a health-related field until I was a teenager!"

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