Paying it Forward, Personally and Professionally

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“I believe that anybody can make an impact. Making a difference starts with a simple feeling—a desire to make a change.” – Jeremy Kim

Donor Spotlight:

As a member of NYU Loyal and YALC, Jeremy is a dedicated and long-time supporter of the communities that defined his NYU experience: the LGBTQ+ Center and the College of Arts and Science. 

During his time as an undergraduate student, Jeremy was an active student leader as a member of Project Outreach, which connected incoming students interested in public service and outreach with weeklong service projects throughout New York City. As a Metropolitan Studies major, Project Outreach built on Jeremy’s academic interests while expanding his experience of New York City beyond NYU. With service projects in every borough, Jeremy connected with nonprofit leaders and community members across the City. By serving as a project leader for two years and as a senior coordinator, Project Outreach developed Jeremy’s leadership skills and furthered his commitment to diversity, equity, and public service. 

While scholarship paved Jeremy’s path to NYU, he still faced financial constraints. Through his work-study at the Office of University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), Jeremy learned the ins and outs of fundraising and how scholarships like his were made possible. After graduating, Jeremy aspired to give back to NYU and also work toward making it a better place. He found the opportunity to do so with a full-time role at UDAR in operations. In addition to honing his professional experience in operations, finance, and human resources, Jeremy continued pursuing his academic passion and earned a master's in urban planning at Wagner. Yet, his career showed him a different path, one where he was able to make a daily positive impact at NYU through his day-to-day work. 

Today, Jeremy is back in the classroom at NYU Stern, earning his MBA while working as the Senior Director of Business Operations and Administration at UDAR. Reflecting on his time as a student and employee, Jeremy commends NYU for making strides over the past decade in equity and inclusion. Jeremy is especially proud to give back to the LGBTQ+ Center, recalling how the Center’s resources and community were integral to his student experience: “With NYU being such a large place, the LGBTQ+ center’s support for queer students is critical to helping foster a sense of community.” Through his work and philanthropy, Jeremy continues to pay it forward and empowers others by promoting equity and inclusion at NYU.

Jeremy Kim (CAS '10, Wagner '14, Stern '23)

NYU Loyal and YALC Member