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Gladys Wotford (STEINHARDT '94)

Gladys Watford (STEINHARDT '76, '78, '94)

Gladys is one of our most Loyal donors, supporting scholarships for over 35 years.  She earned 3 degrees in Early Childhood & Elementary Education through the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and has spent her entire career pursuing her passion as a teacher.  A dedicated and lifelong educator, Gladys understands firsthand the role of mentorship and the importance of cultivating students' minds in the classroom.

Gladys also attended Alumni Weekend in October 2017.  There, she shared her most fond memories of being a student.  She remembers her first day, the professors, Dean Carey, the enchanting Village, and most of all, the opportunities that were offered to her that pushed her to go far.

"I support because I want the students to have the same opportunities I had.  I want to make sure we are mentors, and to help these students stay on board."

Murray Siegel (HEIGHTS '63)

NYU Donor Murray Siegel

Following in the footsteps of the donors before him, Murray Siegel makes his annual gift each year, and has been doing so for over 16 years.

“As a senior in high school, my family was at the low end of the economic spectrum and that was made worse by my father's dying early in my senior year.  I desperately wanted to attend NYU Engineering but needed financial assistance.  I won a NY State Regents Scholarship which was helpful, but not enough.  I was notified that I would receive an NYU Scholarship which allowed me to get an exceptional education at NYU.  I decided it was appropriate for me to pay back the donors who had contributed to my scholarship, so each year, for many years I have a made a small donation to NYU.  This has brought me great satisfaction."

Murray Siegel received his B.S. in Physics from the College of Engineering in 1963.  Following graduation, he served in the USAF as a B-52 electronic warfare officer, which included duties in North and South Vietnam.  After service, Murray held a number of managerial and executive positions in the corporate world, finally realizing that teaching was his calling.  The next 44 years were dedicated to teaching mathematics, first in public schools and eventually as college faculty.  He also received his Ph.D. in math education and was a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching.


NYU Donor Lana Lee Wright

Lana Lee Wright (CAS '12, STEINHARDT '18)

Lana Lee Wright is a recent alum and has consistently been giving back since graduation.  Her NYU experience impacted her career trajectory in a way that inspires her to support scholarships year after year.

“I hope my contributions can support the access of education and meaningful opportunities to future students.  My investment in NYU turned out to be an investment in my future.  NYU offered me a great deal academically, professionally, and adventurously—it is my desire to give back to the same community."

Lana is not only an alumna of NYU, but also a graduate student at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development majoring in Higher Education and Student Affairs, and currently the Executive Assistant/Office Manager to the CAS Dean.  

During her time as an undergrad, Lana became heavily involved in NYU's student life and worked with various departments ranging from Admissions, Residential Life, the Academic Resource Center, and CAS Orientation.  After graduating in 2012 with degrees in Journalism and Art History through CAS, and a minor in Producing from the Tisch School, she went on to work for Apple, Inc. in their leadership development program. It was here where she realized her love for higher education, which ultimately led her back to NYU working with students.