NYU Human Resources

Other questions? Contact PeopleLink, NYU's benefits and payroll service center, at askpeoplelink@nyu.edu or 212-992-LINK (5465).


Administrator: A full- or part-time role whose titles at NYU may include Analyst, Manager, Director, and more.

Band: The compensation structure for administrative and professional employees at NYU, ranging from 51 to 56. (Grades and wage rates for union staff are determined by collective bargaining agreement.) Read more.

Collective Bargaining Agreement: A contractual agreement with a union for covered employees at NYU.

Department: An academic area (such as the Chemistry department) or business area (such as Payroll) under a division at NYU. Applicants may visit departmental webpages to gain a sense of the area and prepare for your interview.

Division: A sub-unit at NYU. Applicants should focus attention more on the department where the position is based rather than its internal, divisional organization.

Grant-Funded Position: A role whose funding at NYU is supported by an external sponsor for a specific purpose or project, with duration contingent on the source's continued support. The job posting will generally indicate if the position is grant-funded.

Job Family: The organization of positions at NYU by functional discipline, such as Finance, Student Services/Athletics, Technology, and more.

PeopleLink: The HR, benefits, and payroll service center at NYU, based in New York City. Applicants may contact PeopleLink for general updates on the status of job applications. Read more.

School: An academic division at NYU, led by a dean with oversight for their school's community, curricula, and mission. Read more.

Union: The bargaining agent for employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement at NYU.

Unit: A non-academic business division at NYU.