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Getting Started

Creating Web Pages for an NYU Class

As an NYU faculty member, you can use the Web as a tool for the classes you teach. House your syllabi, readings, reminders, or just about anything that needs to be seen by the entire class.

ITS provides two options for your course pages; you may create a Web site on our main Web server, or create a course site using our NYU Classes course management software. For more information about NYU Classes, please visit the NYU Classes information site.

If you've decided that you want to create and maintain your own Web pages for a class or classes that you teach, you must follow the steps below.

Apply for an i4 Internet Account

This is a special account which acts as a gateway to the NYU Web server. Please visit the ITS Webmaster Account page to review the application process.

Account Created

Once the application is completed, signed and turned in, your account will be created within a week, on average, following appropriate approval. Then you will be contacted to discuss your URL (address on NYU Web).

URL Naming Policy

The URL format for sites within the classes directory is:

(where profname is the professor's last name)


(where classname is a short name describing the class)

Design Your Page

Once the directory is created, you are welcome to make an appointment with staff at the Digital Studio in order to get more ideas and to learn about putting your class information up on the web.

Should you have any questions, please send mail to: