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Getting Started

Accessing the NYU Webmasters Registry

The NYU Webmasters Registry is an online database containing information about Web sites hosted at NYU.

The primary webmaster for a site is required to review the site information we have on file as well as to verify the names and information for all associated site webmasters. If you are not the primary webmaster for your site, then you are only required to review your individual information.

First, determine if you are the primary webmaster for your site. Primary webmaster refers to those individuals who manage a site by themselves, or are the leaders of a Web team.

Note: There may be more than one primary webmaster for a site. Make sure to consult with your Web team to discuss who will update the registry.

However, please note that if you work on multiple sites, you may be a primary webmaster for one site and a supporting/team webmaster for another.

To Begin:

  1. Open a Web browser to: http://webmasters.nyu.edu/
  2. Click the link to Login to the Webmasters Registry.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a name and password. Use your NYU NetID and password.
  4. You will then be placed into the main registry screen.

Please note:
The Webmasters Registry is only for maintaining records of active NYU Web providers. It is NOT an automated utility for adding or removing accounts or services from the server.

If someone else needs to access your site, they will need to obtain their own account on the i4 server. Instructions on how to apply for an account are available on the ITS Webmaster Account page.

If You Cannot Log Into the Registry:

If you cannot log into the Registry, it is possible that:

  1. Your site has not yet been added to the database. Also, please note that individual sites on other University Web servers (for example, the School of Education Web server) have not been added to the Registry.
  2. Your NetID has not yet been associated with the Web site on which you work, or you have been flagged as 'inactive' by the primary webmaster.
  3. You're no longer affiliated with NYU as a full-time student, staff/faculty member or authorized guest.

Should any of these situations apply or if you have any other problems or questions about logging into the Registry, please write to:

For any questions regarding the NYU Webmasters Registry, please write to: