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The following is a selection of resources available at NYU. Additionally, we are always building our library of external resources which are provided for your education and reference. If you have found any new tips, suggestions, and links for tools that can benefit NYU webmasters, please contact webteam@nyu.edu with your recommendations.

Important Links
Information Technology Services (ITS)www.nyu.edu/its
Web Communicationswww.nyu.edu/web.communications
AskITS Knowledgebasewww.nyu.edu/its/askits
ITS Webmaster Account Application Informationwww.nyu.edu/its/accounts/webmaster.html
ITS Software Pagewww.nyu.edu/its/software
ITS Policy Pagewww.nyu.edu/its/policies
ITS Status Pagewww.nyu.edu/its/status
ITS News & Alertswww.nyu.edu/its/news
NYU Lists Informationwww.nyu.edu/its/lists/
Important Email Addresses
NYU Webteamwebteam@nyu.edu
IT Service DeskAskITS@nyu.edu
Web Communications Webmasterdigital.communications@nyu.edu
ITS Network Securitysecurity@nyu.edu
Additional Information
IT Service Desk(212) 998-3333
NYU Webmasters Discussion Forum


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NYU Webmasters Discussion Forum

Account Login Information

Account Hostname Username Password
i4 (via SSH) i4.nyu.edu your NetID your NetID password
SFTP (secure FTP) Login i4.nyu.edu your NetID your NetID password

Note: in order to use a SFTP program, you must first log into your i4 account using a SSH client. View instructions on how to log in using SSH.

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