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What software should I use to securely connect to the Web server?

To make your connections to the Web server more secure, you should use secure software clients. ITS distributes secure software clients for Macintosh and PC platforms within the Software Channel in NYUHome.

Secure Shell (SSH) Software

The i4.nyu.edu machine, which provides shell access to the main NYU Web server, only supports SSH (not Telnet). In a secure shell session, the information being sent back and forth (such as your password) is scrambled, so that if a mischief-maker intercepts your keystrokes, the data will be unreadable. This is especially useful if you are connecting from off-campus.

ITS currently distributes PuTTY (for PC). Mac OSX users may use the Terminal program that ships with OSX.

Additional information on establishing a secure connection to i4.nyu.edu is available in the tutorials section.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Software

The i4.nyu.edu machine supports Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

SFTP is a program that uses SSH (Secure Shell) to transfer files. Unlike standard FTP, it encrypts both commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the clear over the network.

ITS currently distributes Fugu and Fetch (for Mac OSX) and WinSCP (for PC).

Using SFTP with Dreamweaver

Older versions of Macromedia's Dreamweaver (versions 3 through MX) do not support SFTP. However, you may use the built-in Dreamweaver FTP client in conjunction with a Secure Shell (SSH) program to provide secure authentication.

Please refer to the information on the Macromedia Dreamweaver site at:


To download secure software, log into your NYUHome account, click on the "Ask ITS" link in the "Help, FAQs, Contact ITS" channel, then click the "Browse All" link. Or, you may visit the ITS Software Page directly.