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When another webmaster tries to update the site, they can't upload files. How can I fix this?

On the i4 machine and main NYU Web server, we use Solaris, a proprietary version of UNIX from the Sun Corporation. UNIX is a computer operating system, like Windows 2000/XP/NT or Macintosh OS; a master program that coordinates other programs' activities and manages files.

UNIX allows a number of people to work on the same machine at once and have access to shared files. This allows hundreds of members of the NYU community to develop and maintain content for NYU Web; you and your colleagues may even have been put into a Web permissions group on the i4 machine so you can share file access to content in your Web directory.

UNIX allows you to designate, on a file-by-file basis, who has permission to read the file and and/or write to the file. This is known as setting file permissions. When you upload a file, you become the owner of that file and it is assigned (usually) to the default Web permissions group that you are in. But, unless you say that other group members have permission to write to the file, they cannot make modifications, they'll only be able to read the file.

See our tutorials on Viewing and Modifying UNIX Permissions and Viewing and Modifying Permissions with SFTP for more information.