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Can I upload a script that I wrote or found to my site?

No. The main NYU web server is a shared resource. Please do not upload or implement any scripts without first consulting the NYU Web Team. Please note, installations of php-based CMS applications (e.g. Drupal, Joomla), bulletin board, wiki or blog software (e.g. PMWiki, Mediawiki, Wordpress, etc.) are not permitted.

Please see our web server's technical specifications for more information about the server.

We have made two popular cgi scripts available for use within Web sites: a counter script and a basic formmail script.

However, if you wish to implement or create your own Perl or PHP scripts, you must first send an email to webteam@nyu.edu with the following information:

  1. Provide a brief history of your scripting/programming experience.
  2. Provide a description of how you plan to implement scripting into your site, including the security checks you will employ.
  3. For each script you plan to use, please include:
    • The name of the script (including version, if applicable)
    • The script author (if not yourself)
    • An outline of the script's purpose (what does it do?)
    • Location of where you obtained the script (e.g. -URL of Web site from which you downloaded the script if you did not write it yourself)
    • Timeline of script's use - for example - are you adding an application for a specific event with a deadline?

Requests will be reviewed and if approved, you will be enabled for cgiwrap on the Web server to run Perl scripts. Keep in mind that we run PHP in safe mode; it is "locked-down" for security purposes. Safe mode disables or restricts a number of common functions, most of which involve reading from or writing to the filesystem (e.g. file uploads). We don't display any error messages and register_globals is turned off.

Please note, the NYU Web Team cannot write or modify scripts for your site and can only provide limited technical support. If you don't know what the script does, think twice about implementing the script. If you have more complicated site needs, please submit a Project Request to the Digital Communications Group.

You must NOT collect data of a sensitive nature. This includes Social Security Numbers, University ID numbers, grades, or other personal information.

For any questions, please write to webteam@nyu.edu