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How can I get a special email address for inquiries about my site?

Departmental Email Aliases

An alias is a mail routing mechanism that directs incoming mail to your individual account (or to the individual accounts of many people in your department) but doesn't use your personal information in the address.

A departmental alias should clearly represent the organization for which it is created. While acronyms are useful for internal communication, they may not be understood by the general public. Therefore, it is recommended that a descriptive suffix (such as .info, .contact, .dept) be added to any acronym, especially when the acronym is shorter that four letters.

Departmental Alias Limitations

  • An alias may not be similar in form to a NYU NetID
  • You may not pick an address that misrepresents yourself or your role at the University
  • Aliases shorter than nine characters require a dot as a separator (e.g. law.alumni@nyu.edu)
  • Only dots can be used as separators; no dashes or underscores or slashes, etc.
  • The alias should logically relate to its purpose, and not be too vague.
  • An alias should not be advertised or printed on materials until confirmation of the alias' creation has been received.
  • The recipient email address should be an @nyu.edu account.

Standard configuration for departmental aliases is:

Unit Format
Department within School school.department@nyu.edu
e.g. cas.politics@nyu.edu
Program/Office within School department.program@nyu.edu
e.g. journalism.labs@nyu.edu
Topic-related project within Department program.topic@nyu.edu
e.g. brio.training@nyu.edu
Department within a top-level administrative unit unit.department@nyu.edu
e.g. bursar.refunds@nyu.edu

For example, departments within the College of Arts and Sciences would prefix their department name with the school acronym 'cas', e.g. cas.politics@nyu.edu. Or, a department within a top-level admnistrative unit at NYU would prefix their department name with the unit's acronym or similar prefix. For example, aliases created for departments within the Bursar's Office are created with the prefix 'bursar', e.g. bursar.refunds@nyu.edu.

For a Web site alias, we recommend adding a descriptive suffix (such as "webmaster" or "web"). For example:


To request a departmental alias, please write to:

Student organizations registered with the Office of Student Activities (OSA) must contact their offices to request an email alias. Write to:

Personal aliases may be created through NYUHome. For more information, please see the NYUHome Help Guide section on: