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Restricting User Access

To ensure that your Web directory is secure, you can install a restriction file called .htaccess. A .htaccess file allows you to protect your Web page, site, or directory from being accessed by unwanted public users. This file will prevent Web access by anyone who does not have permission to view your site. There are three types of .htaccess access restriction methods commonly used on the main NYU Web server. Read more...

UNIX User Guide

UNIX is a computer operating system, like Windows 2000/XP/NT or Macintosh OS. It was first developed by Bell Labs, an AT&T Research Lab, in the late 1960’s. An “operating system” is a master program that coordinates other programs’ activities and manages files. There are dozens of different implementations of UNIX. Different versions are designed to work with different types of hardware. Each version provides a core set of basic UNIX commands, but also provides its own unique commands or features. On the i4 machine and main NYU Web server, we use Solaris, a proprietary version of UNIX from the Sun Corporation.

User Form Submission

Customized Search Results Page

Since 2002, NYU has used the Google Search Appliance to handle searching on the nyu.edu domain. Google allows us to offer customized search result pages through the use of stylesheets. The stylesheet allows you to integrate the search result pages into the existing look and feel of your Web site. Read more...

Hit Counter

A counter is a way for you to keep track of how many people have looked at your web page. Read more...