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Web Communications Standards

Why Web Standards?

New York University’s Web site is one of the critical ways we present ourselves to the world, and it is a crucial tool for communicating with our audiences, both internal and external. Every year, more of NYU’s community, including prospective students, current students, employees, and alumni, are relying on the Web as a primary point of communication. This places a heavy responsibility on NYU webmasters: individually. Collectively, the sites within NYU’s Web site create an impression about New York University—who we are, what we do, and the impact we have regionally and internationally through research, outreach, and teaching.

The Web has emerged as a medium with a decentralized nature. For the most part, this is one of its great strengths, bringing great creativity, diversity, and energy to users. For institutions like NYU, it is also a challenge: how to respect that fundamental character while at the same time maintaining a Web presence that reinforces the University’s identity. This is no small matter: we need users to be certain—through graphics, navigation, color palette, etc.—when they are on a NYU Web site and when they are not.

Efforts to achieve this balance are embodied in New York University’s Web Communications Standards. This guide was prepared by Web Communications in collaboration with ITS for the faculty and staff of New York University who create or maintain a Web site for departments, schools, and other units of the University. Its purpose is to familiarize NYU webmasters with the standards that Web Communications has developed and uses in its own work. These standards promote clear, consistent, and effective communication for all of NYU’s audiences. They help the University to establish and meet user expectations, and to clearly convey its nature, that of a leading global research university.

The Office of Web Communications is currently in the process of updating these standards to ensure that recent changes to NYU.edu are reflected uniformly across the gamut of NYU web sites. If you need guidance on logo, type, or layout in the meantime, please contact Web Communications directly at web.communications@nyu.edu.