September 17, 2013


The Discussion

Constitution Day 2013, NYU Brademas Center, in conjuction with the Office of Government and Community Affairs and the Office of Global Programs, convened a discussion reflective of the global nature of the constitution. An esteemed panel of scholars debated and discussed the influences of the U.S. Constitution abroad: Has the Constitution been a model of for other countries in establishing rule of law? What about the U.S. Constitution have other countries changed?

The History of Constitution Day

In December 2004, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), the Senate's most prominent constitutional scholar at the time, successfully passed a bill creating Constitution Day requiring all primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions to raise awareness about the significance of the U.S. Constitution around the anniversary of the document's signing each September. Since that time, NYU has commemorated Constitution Day with an annual academic lecture that highlights the living nature of the constitution, featuring scholars and thinkers that keep the debates around this founding document alive.


Meet the Panelists

Bob Bauer

Pasquale Pasquino

Daniel Hulsebosch

Mila Versteeg

Meet the Moderator

Dean Travis Morrison

Trevor Morrison


Trevor Morrison is currently the Dean and Clarence D. Ashley Professor of Law at New York University School of Law.