March 12, 2015

anti Semitism no more

According to many, Antisemitism in Europe is believed to be the worst since the Nazi era. As the conflict between Israel and Palestine intensifies, so do incidents across Europe targeting Jewish communities. This discussion will focus on the many layers of antisemitism in Europe, taking into account a long history of religious discrimination, coupled with a newer and vehement attempt at suppression; xenophobia; secular nationalism; and the rise of Islamism. Panel experts examine how these factors affect European Jewish communities, and consider how these nations ought to respond.

As the world endures events like those recently experienced in Paris and Copenhagen, there is a growing sense of urgency among Jews, and of mutual responsibility. The desire to act is strong, but how to do so while still respecting the integrity and unique character of these communities is the challenge.

This panel considered what can be done, and what kind of future can be imagined.

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Simone Rodan Benzaquen

Paul Max Morin

Nethanel Cohen Solal