August 19, 2013

Women's Representation

In 1920, American women earned suffrage rights in the Constitution. As this centennial approaches, Representation 2020 is sparking a national conversation about how women can achieve parity with men in elected office. This forum featured the release of Representation 2020's first annual report on the State of Women's Representation, a 50-state review of women's representation at all levels of government and what progress is being made in activities and rules that may affect women's representation.

FairVote's Representation 2020 team presented its findings on representation of women and developments relating to the key changes necessary to achieve gender parity in representation. With White House Project founder Marie Wilson as moderator, renowned pollster Celinda Lake and international authority Laura Liswood commented on each of the key findings as they are presented.


Meet the Panel

Marie Wilson

Celinda Lake

Laura A. Liswood