June 19, 2018

US Capitol Building

NYU Washington, DC and the Brennan Center for Justice hosted a luncheon that brought some of the authors of the Solutions 2018 Brennan Center reports along with some other policy leaders and journalists together for an afternoon of thoughtful discussion.

The Brennan Center recently published its first-ever series of policy agendas, Solutions 2018. Our premise is that what counts is not what we are against, but what we are for. We believe that at a time of deep discontent with the direction of government, there is a palpable hunger for new, bold solutions. They can be easily accessed on the Brennan Center website under, "Election Agendas for Candidates, Activists, and Legislators."

Can the public be engaged on issues of reform? How do we advance fresh thinking that reflects technological and social change? How do candidates and officials balance matters of legal and constitutional import with a focus on tangible issues of economic well-being? Amid harsh polarization, can bipartisan strategies be built?  

This event was by invitation only.  

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