October 3, 2018

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Around the world, 767 million people live in extreme poverty with less than $1.90 per person per day.

These statistics need to be fought and to discuss this, the Alliance Française in partnership with NYU Washington, DC brought the English version of Caroline Glorion & Gerard Lemoine's 2007 documentary, "50 ans de combat contre la misère" (50 Years Fighting Against Poverty).

Dave Meyer, Special Projects and Outreach Manager with ATD Fourth World, and Jean-Michel Giraud, President and CEO of Friendship Place in DC, spoke after the movie about poverty and social Justice.

The screening was of a documentary film by Caroline Glorion & Gerard Lemoine. The film follows the steps of the international non-profit ATD Fourth World (ATD Quart Monde) from the slums outside Paris in the 1950's to the United Nations today. This documentary uses archived and new footage to show the work of this groundbreaking organization that empowers people living in the deepest poverty to speak up for themselves.

A light refreshment was served after the movie.

Dave Meyer

Dave Meyer

Jean-Michel Giraud

Jean-Michel Giraud

ATD Fourth World was founded by Joseph Wresinski, a Catholic priest known in his lifetime as “the priest of the low-lives,” ATD Fourth World has grown from being a group of homeless families to maintaining a grassroots presence in over 30 countries around the world and a consultative status at the UN, EU, ILO, and within other international bodies. For over 50 years, ATD Fourth World has been present in the United States. working alongside families living in poverty in the US. We work to overcome the injustices of poverty and social exclusion by bringing people from all walks of life together to learn from those who face poverty every day.


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