April 7, 2015

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The Weissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square

NYU Washington, DC was proud to host the 3rd Annual Weissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square, with a dialogue focused on the Affordable Care Act. Special guests include former U.S. Representative and House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, in a discussion moderated by Steve McMahon, CEO of Purple Strategies and NYU Washington, DC adjunct faculty.

Cheryl Healton, Director of the NYU Global Initiative on Public Health introduced the keynote portion of the program.  The forum then conclude with a panel of expert discussants, led by Ann Kurth, Associate Dean for Research at GIPH.  Discussants included Congresswoman Alma Adams, Ph. D., Sherry Glied, Dean of NYU Wagner, Mary Langowski, Executive Vice President for Strategy, Policy and Market Development at CVS Health, and Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow at CATO Institute. 



Perspectives on the Shifting US Health Landscape: Leading Policymakers, Professionals and Providers Debate the New Geography Shaping Health in America

Despite spending more money on health care than any other nation, the US performs poorly on a number of population health indices, in part because it under-invests in public health efforts such as disease prevention programs.

Major transitions are underway however, with hospitals shifting from in-patient volume to an emphasis on the value of services they provide, insurers supporting trends away from acute care delivery to community-based care and prevention, and informed consumers playing a more central role.

Health reform in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) recognizes the importance of public health services that are often ‘hidden’ from the public, less visible than hospitals or the latest technology or medication. Examples include some key preventive services that have no out-of-pocket expenditures and the Prevention and Public Health Fund established by the ACA.

This event explored the drivers of these tectonic shifts, how they affect public health, and the best way to get what our dollars should buy: a healthier population, instead of one that ranks 17 among high income countries for life expectancy at birth. What is at stake as we implement reforms? How do we ensure we get it right and what are the consequences of getting it wrong? What role does compromise among those with disparate perspectives and rigorous evaluation of outcomes play in increasing our chance of success?

NYU Faculty Participants

Cheryl Healton

Ann Kurth

Steve McMahon

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