Map of Washington DC from 1916

Interconnected Washington, DC

Whether studying politics, economics, history or journalism, at NYU Washington, DC students find how life is connected to government while living in this capital city. The courses offered at NYU Washington, DC have been engineered to illustrate the vibrancy and culture of Washington life. Students learn from this city’s most revered thinkers, innovators and game-changers.

Students learn why Washington, DC is home to an array of organizations, corporations and cultural institutions.  They learn how a bill in Congress could impact a teacher in a classroom in California, or an engineer on an oil rig off the Gulf Coast.  What takes place in this city not only changes the lives of Americans, but can impact the global community.

Global Leadership Program

Each semester a select cohort of NYU undergraduates participate in the Global Leadership Program at NYU Washington, DC. This highly competitive program, which is open to current or rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors from all three of NYU’s degree-granting campuses—in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai—will foster the practice of ethical and inclusive leadership and will prepare students to assume leadership roles in the public and private sectors.

DC Dialogues

NYU Washington, DC convenes some of the world’s foremost scholars, policy makers, practitioners, business leaders, public intellectuals and artists whose ideas and work have made a significant cultural or intellectual contribution to American public policy and global inititives, for which Washington is known. They gather at NYU Washington, DC, New York University's technologically advanced site, to confront some of the most intractable issues of contemporary society through the creative interplay of ideas and perspectives.

Public programming at the Center fosters the creation of partnerships across disciplines, cultures and institutions and contributes to the emerging global civic discourse that is at the heart of NYU’s mission as a global network university.

Activism & Advocacy in the United States

Activism and Advocacy in the United States examines three civil and human rights movements in the United States and the change agents who brought them to life. Students will analyze how these movements evolved through the use of media (such as television, radio, newspaper, and digital media), grassroots organizing, campaigns, and other tools. For each topical session, expert/s will present on the movement, followed by a discussion with students. Some sessions will also include young leaders who have mobilized for the contemporary movement that is being presented. 

Students who participate in this co-curricular program will learn how activists and advocates mobilized public support to build momentum and how modern movements are constructed and implemented. Students will also learn how to identify actors, tools, places and strategies for effective activism and advocacy.

EU in Focus

The European Union is in a crucial moment of its history, in both political and economic terms, as it also faces an unprecedented migrant refugee emergency. It has been facing one of the largest economic crises since World War II and is seeing a rise in Euroscepticism across the continent. Some European citizens and political leaders have increasingly expressed doubts about the future of the Union. This series introduces students to the history, structure, economy, and politics of the European Union. Initiated and developed by NYU Florence's La Pietra Dialogues, the series designed to enhance a student's working-knowledge of how the European Union is governed.  

Weissberg Forum for Discourse in Public Square

Through the generosity of Trustee Nina Weissberg, New York University has established the Weissberg Forum for Discourse in the Public Square at its Constance Milstein and Family Global Academic Center in Washington, D.C. The Center provides study away and internship experiences for NYU students, as well as rich academic and co-curricular programming. The Weissberg Forum is an annual signature event that brings together distinguished figures from government, industry, the professions, and the academy to discuss complex and timely issues from a variety of perspectives. The Forum, frames and conducts dialogues around issues that provoke differing views and even controversy. The aim is to provide a forum for such issues to be debated in an informed, rigorous, and civil manner -- , the kind of dialogue that academic institutions are intended to promote.