The Liberal Studies Core Program is a two-year liberal arts program that provides an interdisciplinary foundation for nearly 100 NYU majors. The Core Program curriculum emphasizes the great works in a global context, introducing you to the world’s most influential ideas from antiquity to today. Small, seminar-style classes and close faculty-student interaction ensure the feel of a liberal arts college within our large urban research university.

In the Core Program, advisors and professors work closely with you to identify the best academic plan for achieving your goals. As a junior, you will transition to your chosen major to earn your bachelor's degree.

Learning has a global focus in the Core Program. You will develop critical thinking, writing, and communication skills that are essential in an increasingly interconnected world. With the Core Program, you also have significant opportunities to study away at NYU's global sites.

The Core Program is a distinctive beginning to your NYU education and will position you for success today and in the future. 

Cultural Foundations II