Case Study Option A

The researcher takes another look at the proposal and finds ways in which to increase the benefits and to reduce the risks to participants who would be willing to volunteer for the study. This would make it more acceptable to the UCAIHS whose chief responsibility is to ensure that subjects’ rights and welfare are adequately protected.

First, the investigator institutes a prescreening in which any subjects who are currently taking medication for an anxiety or depressive condition are excluded from the study. In addition, the investigator decides to eliminate the most extreme examples of the material from the study as a safety precaution. Finally, as the subjects will be viewing the images and responding all at one time in a computer lab, the investigator proposes to include in the debriefing (required since the research includes deception in not telling the subjects the true purpose of the study) a presentation by a member of the counseling staff on understanding anxiety and depression and the possible treatments for them. She will also offer to provide referrals for individual counseling for any student who found the images particularly upsetting.