Consent Form Generator

This Form Generator is designed to help investigators prepare a draft Consent Form for development of an Application for Review to the UCAIHS. The Form Generator will fill in most of the standard necessary language for Consent Forms using UCAIHS standard language and format.

Where appropriate, examples of the types of information needed have been provided. For detailed information and guidance on what is required in Consent Forms, review Chapter 12 of the UCAIHS tutorial and the Principal Investigator’s Guide to Human Subjects Research.

Language for Parental Permission and Child Assent are different and not provided by the consent form generator.

This system does not save what you have written. In the next step, when you have finished filling out the form, click on the Generate Draft Consent Form button. This will generate a draft Consent Form that uses UCAIHS language and format.

You must highlight and copy the draft Consent Form that is generated, paste it in your word processing program, and save the document. Then, make any revision or additions needed for your project.

Please remember to:

  • Try to write at no higher than a 10th grade level, using language appropriate for the sample population (e.g., children, those for whom English is a second language, or are expected to be poorly educated, etc.). Avoid technical language or discipline-specific terms.
  • Be consistent about using "you" to refer to the subject and the investigator's name, "the investigator", or "the researcher" to refer to the person carrying out the study. Do not refer to yourself, the investigator, as "I".

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