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One of the most unique features of the Television Center is the built-in studio located at 28 Washington Place. From single camera productions to multi-camera productions with powerpoint presentations, the TV Center studio is versatile and can be configured to meet a variety of needs.

Recent productions have included SCPS’s McGhee online videos, NYU-TV’s original program, Scholars & Artists, and a variety of video podcasts.

The studio is available for rental with or without equipment.

The Television Center Studio is equipped with the following:

• 20' x 35' with blue chroma key wall
• Separate studio control room located in the loft can accommodate production crew and client producer.

• Professional studio A/V monitoring systems
• Sony Anycast Digital Switcher, configured for up to 4 robotic cameras, ppt. and video capture, and live graphics insertion
• DVCam, miniDV, Beta SP, VHS, DVD, digital playback and record
• Teleprompter

• 8 studio microphone inputs to 16-channel Mackie audio mixer
• CD/DVD playback

• 24-position lighting grid
• Strand Lighting programmable 2-Scene dimmer board
• Optional portable light kits POST-PRODUCTION
• Apple Mac Pro edit stations for editing and podcast production

Studio Shoot Rates