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Powerpoint Tips

  • Can you clearly see your presentation if you stand 10 feet from your computer monitor?
  • Computer monitors have a much higher resolution than most large screen data projection. Presentations created using a computer monitor that will eventually end up being viewed on a television monitor need special consideration.
  • Use television-safe fonts, size, and style. Examples are Arial, Helvetica, Palatino, MS Sans Serif, and Lucida Sans.
  • Minimum font size should be 18 point. 24-32 point is optimal.
  • Use television-safe colors. Colors that aren't highly saturated work best.
  • Backgrounds must be low contrast so that the font will show up. Dark backgrounds work best.
  • Avoid too much text on each slide. Ample space is needed between lines!
  • Make sure screen savers are disabled beforehand.
  • Avoid using timed displays. It is hard to predict the exact timing involved when in front of an audience.