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Studio Space only    
Rate: $100/hr.(4 hr. min)

Studio /Control Room Pkg   

  • Up to 3 robotic cameras
  • 24-position 2-channel lightning dimmer board
  • 8 microphone inputs to 16 channel production audio mixer
  • Sony BRS-200 and Sony Anycast Switcher
  • DVcam, miniDV, Beta SP, VHS, Playback and Record
  • Studio audio/video monitoring systems
  • Studio Technician

Rate: $275/hr. (4hr.min)

Studio with 1 or 2 Anycast Cameras and Studio Technician   
Rate: $250/hr. (4hr.min)

Studio with 2 Panasonic Cameras and Studio Technician   
Rate: $215/hr. (4hr.min)

Studio with 1 Panasonic Camera and Studio Technician
Rate: $175/hr. (4hr.min)

Studio Audio Package  

  • Audio Podcast
  • Synced Powerpoint
  • Floor Manager/Recording Tech
  • Switcher and Macbook Pro
  • As many mics as needed

Rate: $150/hr. (4hr.min)


* Rates do not include personnel (except for post-production).
* Non-NYU clients must pay by check at unsubsidized rates. Please contact the TV Center for budget estimates.
* Budgets are customized to each project's technological requirements. Please contact the TVCenter with any questions.