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Your event was videotaped, so what comes next? Whether your event was recorded with a single camera or multiple cameras, editing is always needed to make the content worth sharing with others.

After the video footage has been acquired in the field, it must be edited and encoded into a format for distribution and viewing. The editing process often includes the following: sound and color correction, the creation of graphics including open/closing slates and lower thirds, e.g. text overlays that identify speakers, and any adjustments to content deemed necessary. If the event included presentation materials like powerpoint slides, photos, and charts, they, too, may need to be edited into the finished video program.

Additionally, when it comes to the final deliverables, you will want to consider how your videos will appear. Will they be full length panels? Do you want each presentation edited into a stand alone segment? Do you want the Q&A portion included in the final video? All of these are questions to consider when planning your video strategy. From editing to graphics creation, the Television Center is the place to go to turn raw video footage into a complete program that can be distributed on NYU-TV, the web, podcasting, and many other options.