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The mission of NYU-TV is to provide content dedicated to serving the information, education, and entertainment needs of the NYU campus community. With regard to content creation and submissions, productions will be screened on an individual basis before the NYU-TV programming committee, who will determine whether or not they conform to the guidelines below.

The NYU-TV Network strives to establish and maintain professional standards in program production, content, and television operations. All producers and content providers are expected to ensure that the content represents issues fairly, is accurate, and is produced in good taste. The NYU-TV Network will adhere to all standing university policies. All content should comply with the following standards:

A. Ethical Standards:
Materials submitted for distribution on the NYU-TV Network should be of high ethical standards. The NYU-TV Network does not distribute obscene or indecent material that is patently offensive. Defamatory content made in a maliciously false context intended to ridicule or degrade persons, departments, programs, or entities will not be shown.

B. Editorial Standards:
Materials submitted for distribution on the NYU-TV Network should be of good technical quality and
maintain high editorial standards. Content providers should review their materials for spelling and grammar prior to submission. Efforts will be made to provide accurate, complete information, as well as balanced reporting. The NYU-TV Network will not knowingly distribute or present abusive visual or oral comments toward any groups and/or individuals. Should it be established that a presentation of abusive comments has occurred, the NYU-TV Network has the right to withhold further distribution of that program.

C. A Disclaimer:
Irrespective of prescreening requirements, program providers are required to indemnify and hold harmless NYU-TV and New York University by signing a program submission/release form. All program
providers must agree to release NYU-TV and New York University from any and all claims arising from the use of programming on the network, including any claim based on allegation of copyright infringement.

Program producers must provide, prior to cablecast, all releases, licenses, or other required permissions
needed to ensure that the program would not violate any copyrights or personal rights. Providers must agree that the programming does not contain:

  • direct attempts to sell products or services;
  • any material that is obscene, indecent, or an invasion of privacy;
  • any material that is slanderous, libelous, or unlawful;
  • any material previously obtained and produced that is copyrighted or subjected to ownership or royalty rights, without necessary releases, licenses, or other permissions.