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Good vs. Not-Good Check out our comparsion tutorial in the Gallery to see why these specification are important.

The Happenings Channel is an electronic bulletin board channel listing of events and resources available to the NYU Community. Messages shown on the channel fall into the following categories:

  • Events
  • Resources
  • Clubs
  • Sports
  • Emergency Announcements and Notifications

Messages CAN be accepted from the following sources:

  • All administrative & academic departments within the University
  • All University registered and University recognized student organizations
  • All service departments provided on campus (i.e. Bookstore, Campus Cash).

Messages CANNOT be accepted from commercial or non-profit organizations, companies, or businesses that are not NYU related. This includes, but is not limited to, businesses which:

  • Sell or market alcoholic products
  • Are recognized as a bar, club, or nightclub
  • Provide services of any kind that conflicts with University established contracts for services (Bookstore, Catering, Beverage/Snack Vendor)
  • Provide off campus housing
  • Personal ads
  • Political messages which endorse candidates

The Happenings Channel will not air any message that includes editorializing/opinions or endorsements. The listings are to provide the basic information for each event:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Brief Description
  • Contact Info

If space becomes limited, priority will be given to messages in the following order:

  • Emergency messages at the direction of the Presidentís office, the Public Affairs Dept. and University Security
  • Facilities related announcements
  • Upcoming events from all other University administrative & academic departments, prioritized by date of the upcoming event.
  • Messages from registered student organizations

The stationís management team reserve the right to (1) make editorial decisions, including the right to reject messages, (2) alter broadcast times, and (3) edit messages for space limitations, content clarity, and aesthetics, in the interest of good broadcasting practices and taste, and in line with the policies of the University.