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As part of the Division of Libraries at New York University, TV & Media Services is home to three departments that provide visual media support to the university community: Campus Cable, NYU-TV, and the Television Center.

NYU-TV is New York University’s own television network of three closed-circuit television channels dedicated to serving the information, education, and entertainment needs of the campus community. Broadcast to campus buildings and residence halls, NYU-TV reaches a wide audience of undergraduates, graduates, and academic faculty and staff. NYU-TV’s three channels, The University Channel, The Movie Channel, and The Happenings Channel, meet the diverse needs of the university audience.

The Television Center is a campus wide resource that serves the academic community in the creation of broadcast quality video recordings in a variety of electronic media. From traditional analog recording on tape to digital options like webcasting and podcasting, the Television Center is your ‘go-to’ place for all things related to video production. The TVCenter is also home to NYU-TV, and employs both professional and student staff in a variety of technical and administrative positions.

NYU’s Campus Cable is a private multi-channel television system serving the NYU residence halls from 26th Street down to Broome Street and nearly every hall in-between. Campus Cable has over 60 channels of programming from local broadcasters like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and the CW to national cable TV networks such as MTV, CNN, ESPN, and many more. What sets Campus Cable apart from regular cable TV is that three NYU-TV channels are also included in the lineup.