TMISL Internships

Please see our TMISL internships map illustrating the geographical impact of the internships that IMLS funded during this project (2012-2016).


Caroline Roll, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Archives, Summer 2016, IMLS

I spent my summer internship at the JDC Archives, a division of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. The organization has provided aid to Jewish communities, refugees, and victims of natural disasters since 1914, and the archives consists of documents, books, oral histories, film, and video.

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Savannah Campbell, Wildlife Conservation Society, Spring 2016, IMLS

During the Spring of 2016, I interned at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in their Library and Archives division.

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Luke Moses, University of Baltimore Library, Summer 2015, IMLS

For my internship this summer I worked in the Special Collections department of the University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library, under the supervision of AV Archivist Siobhan Hagan, a graduate of the MIAP program.

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Blake McDowell, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library and Archives, Summer 2015, IMLS

At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, I worked with Mila Pollock, the Executive Director of Library and Archives, on a data management survey project. This involved designed an interview template, contacting scientists who agreed to the interview, researching their lab's work before the interview, and finally transcribing the audio recordings of all the interviews.

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Ben Peeples, Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, Summer 2015, IMLS

Under the supervision of Amy Sloper, I was an intern for the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, working on projects that involved film handling and inspection, collection assessment, and prioritizing items for preservation.

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Brian Cruz, Library of Congress, National Audiovisual Conservation Center, Summer 2015, IMLS

At the Moving Image section of the Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation I worked on identifying and inspecting nitrate film from the John E. Allen collection, rehousing and cataloging film from the Viking Film Distributors collection, and received extensive training in the Library's MAVIS database system.

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Allison Whalen, UCLA Libraries, Summer 2015, IMLS

At the UCLA Audiovisual Preservation Lab, I worked on a partially processed private donation from S.A. Griffin, a prolific poet and actor from the Los Angeles neo-beat movement of the late 1980s to early 2000s. The S.A. Griffin collection includes a range of art, ephemera, and audiovisual materials, such as footage of poetry readings and various musical and art performances at Los Angeles venues, some that no longer exist.

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Jonathan Farbowitz, University of California Berkeley Libraries, Summer 2015, IMLS

At the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley I performed a comprehensive collection assessment of moving image items in the Bancroft’s collection. This included assessments of storage conditions, item-level inspection, and interviews with staff.

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Shu-Wen Lin, Stnaford University Libraries, Summer 2015, IMLS

In Summer 2015, I got a chance to intern at the Stanford Media Preservation Lab and the Department of Special Collections. I participated in the management of the film, video and born-digital media collections in Redwood City facility.

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Eddy Colloton, Denver Art Museum, Summer 2015, IMLS

Over the course of my 8-week internship at the Denver Art Museum (DAM), I assessed and cataloged born digital works from the museum collection. These works were then ingested into the museum’s digital repository.

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Michelle Krause, New York Academy of Medicine, Spring 2015, IMLS

The New York Academy of Medicine is a health policy and advocacy association founded by New York City physicians in 1847 and acts as a voice for the medical profession in relation to public health reform. Under the supervision of archivist Rebecca Pou, I worked with the NYAM’s collection of audiovisual materials, which included audiotape reels (447) and VHS tapes (113).

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Shu-Wen Lin, New York Public Library Archives and Manuscripts, Spring 2015, IMLS

By following “Less Process More Product”, I was able to provide physical characteristics and condition of the collected items as well as transcribe content details from item containers and film leaders.

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Erica Gold, Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies, Spring 2015, IMLS

Since I began my internship at IJS, I have learned to think quickly and be prepared with manageable solutions to issues. During my time at IJS, it was decided that my main focus would be IJS’s film collection.

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Esther ZenZele, Rutgers University Library of Performing Arts, Spring 2015, IMLS

The time I spent at the Mable Smith Douglass Library at Rutgers University was exciting. I had the opportunity to assess the Robert Moevs collection, and send it to a vendor for digitization.

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Luke Moses, The Frick Collection, Spring 2015, IMLS

The Frick Collection of artworks collected by Henry Clay Frick is kept in his former residence on 5th avenue. In addition to the permanent collection there are temporary exhibitions and a variety of events held on site, such as symposia, lectures, and a rich tradition of classical concerts. Recordings of these concerts were a primary focus of my work at the Frick Collection.

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Brian Cruz, NYU Bobst Library University Archives, Spring 2015, IMLS

While interning at the NYU University Archive at the Bobst Library, I was able to work with two important collections: the WNYU Radio collection from the Late 80s/Early 90s, and a video collection of concerts and lectures held at the Loeb Student Center in the early 1970s.

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Eddy Colloton, CUNY Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Spring 2015, IMLS

My internship at the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, more commonly called "Centro," consisted of assessing the quality and condition of a wide variety of object from several collections. I helped create inventories of 16mm film, VHS tape, 1/4" open reel audio tape, lacquer discs, and many other formats.

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Sarah Bellet, NYU Courant Institute, Spring 2015, IMLS

At the Courant Institute Library I worked under the Head Librarian Carol Hutchins. I was tasked to organize the donation of all materials related to the '75th Anniversary Collection' that were used to create a documentary for the institution.

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Benjamin Peeples, American Joint Jewish Distribution Center, Fall 2014, IMLS

While at the JDC I viewed and identified many hours of unknown and unlabelled tapes in the JDC collection, selecting tapes that would be made part of the JDC catalog and in some cases tapes that would be used in future projects.

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Ethan Gates, City College, Fall 2014, IMLS

City College Archives and Special Collections houses a broad variety of materials, from oral histories and broadcast videotapes to personal documents, manuscripts, trophies, cannonballs and other unique objects, produced and collected by City College faculty, students and alumni dating back to school's inception in 1847.

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David Neary, American Jewish Historical Society, Fall 2014, IMLS

My work at the American Jewish Historical Society involved creating a complete inventory of its audiovisual collection, more than 1,200 items, and highlighting priorities for preservation.

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Blake McDowell, NYU Bobst Library, Fall 2014, IMLS

While working in Fales Library & Special Collections at Bobst Library NYU, I processed the Paper Tiger Television video archive. This is a collection that Fales acquired in 2007 consisting of approximately 530 tapes (mostly 3/4" Umatic) spanning the years 1981 to 2005.

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Carmel Curtis, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Fall 2014, IMLS

Throughout my internship at the Lloyd Seeley Library in John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I identified all audiovisual materials present in the Special Collections. I then conducted an item level collection assessment of 1,289 items that were present in the collections.

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Jasmyn Castro, New York Public Library, Fall 2014, IMLS

During the fall of 2014, I interned at the Film and Video Reserve located at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Under the supervision of Elena Rossi-Snook, NYPL film archivist, I was given the opportunity to work directly with various 16mm film prints and perform and number of different tasks.

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Michael Grant, New York Public Library, Fall 2014, IMLS

In the Special Formats unit of NYPL, I processed a collection of videotapes from the National Dance Institute. I also performed critical comparisons of different copies and generations of videos, to determine which was more original.

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David Neary, Summer 2014, Oregon Historical Society, IMLS

I spent the summer of 2014 in Portland, Oregon, working in the Oregon Historical Society's film archive. The main focus of my work was on the Society's nitrate collection. Stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled vault, this collection of more than 400 cans of film had been only partially cataloged.

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Jasmyn Castro, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Summer 2014, IMLS

As a summer intern at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, I assisted the archives and audiovisual staff with basic archival functions such as processing, preservation, reference and general archival work.

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Bleakley McDowell, Center for the History of Psychology, Summer 2014, IMLS

At the Center for the History of Psychology I worked with the film collection of Arnold Gesell, a psychologist and pediatrician who helped develop the field of child development.

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Pamela Vizner Oyarce, NYPL for the Performing Arts, Special Formats Processing - Audiovisual, Spring 2014, IMLS

Pamela Vizner Oyarce interned at the New York Public Library’s Special Formats Processing-AV Group under the supervision of Tom Christie. The primary goal of her internship was to analyze and articulate how preservation workflows are implemented in the context of a large non-profit library.

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Martha Diaz, Schomburg Center, New York Public Libary, Spring 2014, IMLS

The Moving Image and Recorded Sound Division (MIRS) Internship at the Schomburg Center is a hands-on position helping process and preserve the 25,000 LP collection.

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Allie Whalen, American Jewish Historical Society, Spring 2014, IMLS

At the American Jewish Historical Society, I was the first to assess the entire audio visual collection that is composed of numerous formats such as film, audio discs, and several variations of magnetic media.

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Emily Nabasny, American Museum of Natural History, Fall 2013, IMLS

For my final MIAP internship, I worked at the American Museum of Natural History under the supervision of Sarah Galloway (Media Producer Exhibition Department), & Barbara Mathe (Museum Archivist and Head of Library Special Collections - Research Library). During my internship I worked on the first phases of a project with the long-term goal of moving the over 7,000 video materials that comprise the Exhibition Department Media Library to the museum’s main library.

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Daniel Finn, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Summer 2013, IMLS

I worked in a new department at the Academy; Oral and Visual Histories Projects. These projects are rare in that they involve working with several departments within the Academy, primarily the Academy Film Archive and the Margaret Herrick Library.

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Athena Holbrook, Cornell University, Summer 2013, IMLS

I spent my summer at the Rose Goldsen Archive for New Media Art at Cornell University working with the Experimental Television Center collection and the Turbulence.org Archives collection.

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Joseph Heinen, University of Colorado-Boulder, Summer 2013, IMLS

Steina and Woody Vasulka are reknowned "pioneers" of video art, currently in the process of depositing their collection of video art, photographs, slides, schematics, diagrams, user manuals, and miscellaneous papers to the University of Colorado - Boulder archives under the umbrella of the Brakhage Center.

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Pamela Vizner Oyarce, American Joint Jewish Distribution Center, Spring 2013, IMLS

The spring internship at JDC was focused on collection management of videotapes.

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Kathryn Gronsbell, New York Public Library, Fall 2012, IMLS

I had the incredible opportunity to intern during fall semester of 2012 in the Special Formats Processing – Audiovisual (SFP-AV) group, located in the Library of the Performing Arts at New York Public Library.

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