Jieun An, Internship at New York Public Library, Fall 2011

During fall semester 2011, I worked at Special Formats Processing Audio-Visual group of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (LPA) in Lincoln Center which has wide-ranging collections including music, dance, theater, and recorded sound. The Internship was conducted under the supervision and support of Thomas Christie who is Supervising Librarian of AV media group at Collection Strategy/Special Formats, and Tanisha Jones, Director of Moving Image Archive for Jerome Robbins Dance Division. Especially, I worked for the Schomburg Center which has extensive collection about African culture and history. I did inspection wok for a film collection of Mary Lou Williams, a famous jazz musician, and created an item level inventory for work prints and negative films. Through the inspection and assessment process, I could understand more about film materials and also practice splicing work. In addition, I re-winded and re-housed service films, and made label templates for Mary Lou Williams and service film collection. By doing this work, it was able to get the better knowledge and skills to store film materials and to use Microsoft Word and Excel program. During the internship, not only I had a great experience dealing with film materials and cataloguing system, but also learned about how to build a cooperative relationship with other librarians and staffs.

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