Upcoming class at ICCROM! SOIMA 2011: Safeguarding Sound and Image Collections

The course will provide an overview of issues related to the preservation of and access to sound and image materials, including photographs, films, video and audio, both digital and analog. It will discuss the value, meaning, selection, and use of sound and image collections in various institutional contexts, exploring the potential of sound and image media to transmit knowledge and cultural traditions. Initial sessions will focus on identification of various formats, playback equipment, life expectancy of media, and ways of detecting deterioration. Additional course topics will include: current best practices for documenting and cataloguing; media handling and storage; collection risk assessment; emergency preparedness and response; criteria and technologies for migration and reformatting; preservation project planning; outsourcing options; digital preservation; and collection management. Other issues such as curating and access, copyright laws, legal deposit, and institutional and national preservation policies, will be discussed in context with participants' working realities. Adaptation to technological changes and related cost-effective preservation strategies will form key components.

For more information, follow the link to the website: http://www.iccrom.org/eng/01train_en/announce_en/2011_07SoimaLVA_en.shtml

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