Taylor McBride, Internship at New York Public Library Film and Video Reserve Center, Spring 2011

Since January 26, 2011, I have been working two days a week at the Film and Video Reserve Center at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Though I engaged in various activities over the course of the semester, my focus was primarily on two large projects, which both stemmed from the need to process and properly store the backlog of film prints and preservation elements that were sitting in the basement at LPA. The first was a de-accessioning project in which I identified and recalled from ReCAP, NYPL’s off-site storage facility, all rejected preservation elements from past preservation projects in order to de-accession them and free up space in ReCAP for approved elements. The second big project I worked on, which was just completed in the past week, was the processing, re-housing, labeling, and barcoding of about 60 newly generated film preservation elements that have been sitting in the basement since the Donnell Media Center became the RFVC and moved into t he LPA building. In addition to these larger projects, I have inspected many films that came back from circulation or use at film festivals, some of which required cleaning.I had a great deal of experience with NYPL's Millennium cataloging system as well as working with the Cinescan and RTI inspecting machine and also had a chance to project and screen a number of films the RFVC has preserved so I was also able to build a connection to the collection and practice my projection skills.


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